Residents Board


Resident involvement in our day to day delivery is important to make a positive difference to the lives of our residents and communities.

We work collaboratively with our Resident Board, Community and Partner organisations. We have 5 Resident Board members. The Members provide resident perspective as well as sctunise our work and ensure residents’ interest is always reflected in our strategic and operational decision making. Two members of the Resident Board are represented on the Tamil Housing Board.

Resident Board Members

Mr. Mylvaganam Manicavasagar

Miss. Karimah Channer
Vice Chair

Mr. Jeyaraam Santhiramohan
Resident Board Member

Mrs. Manoranjitham Kathiresapillai
Resident Board Member

Mr. Navaratnarajah Mahendrarajah
Resident Board Member

The Resident Board meets on a quarterly basis to discuss and improve the services that Tamil Housing provide. The RB walks through quarterly key performance indicators and voices concerns and opinions on matters raised by the resident community, and collectively come up with solutions which can help Tamil Housing improve their service.