Don’t suffer in silence- help us combat ASB

Antisocial behaviour can affect anyone, it can be you, your children, or your neighbourhood. ASB can effect your health and well-being, as well as your enjoyment of your own home.

Tamil Housing takes reports of all ASB seriously and deals with all reports with the strictest confidence. We try our ultimate best to ensure that ASB is dealt with effectively and efficiently to ensure that your enjoyment of your home is the main priority and most importantly, the ASB is stopped altogether. ASB can be dealt with effectively with your support. Reporting ASB to Tamil Housing is the first step to combat ASB in your area or home.

There are some things that you can do to help us deal with ASB effectively;

  • Contact Tamil Housing right after an incident has occurred and provide us with the key details- what happened, time and date, who you think is responsible and if there were any witnesses and the impact on anyone involved;
  • Use our incident diary sheets to log and record any incidents and send this to us within seven days of the incident;
  • Never retaliate in any way. You could be breaching your own tenancy agreement and make matters worse;
  • Respect your neighbours. We all have different hobbies, interests and lifestyles. A little tolerance exercised by us goes a long way. Always be courteous, polite and considerate to your neighbours. More tips can be found here;

If you fear for the safety of yourself or others, or you suspect a crime has committed, dial 999 or 101 depending on the urgency. We work closely with the Police and by reporting matters directly and immediately to the Police, we can build a fuller picture of any alleged ASB.

More information on ASB and staying safe can be found here.