Depending on the type of repair required to your home, we will use contractors and trades persons with relevant skills and expertise. All contractors who wish to provide services for Tamil Housing residents are required to meet the approved contractor standards before they start providing services for our residents.

We expect all our contractors to:

  • Show a photo ID before they enter your home and be in uniform
  • Be polite at all times, and not to use any type of unprofessional or offensive language
  • Keep the home secure at all time during work
  • Wear shoe covers if requested by the resident
  • Provide dust sheets where necessary
  • Clear any dust, dirt or debris
  • Not to smoke in your home
  • Not to use your toilet or any other facilities in your home without first obtaining your permission
  • To treat everyone equally, be non judgemental and embrace diversity.

In return, we also ask you to be polite and respectful to our contractors and assist them by moving or securing personal belongings in the area where they need to work. Abuse, verbal threats or any other type of threatening behaviour towards our staff or contractors will not be tolerated and may lead to tenancy enforcement action.   

We work with a number of contractors:

  • ABC Contractors
  • CMS Response
  • CTL Locksmiths
  • Dial 1st Contractors
  • Essex Heating
  • Esskay Cleaning Services
  • Magic Carpets
  • Ideal Handyman Ltd
  • John McGuinness
  • Power Rod
  • Stonview Services
  • The Business and Office Cleaning
  • Yohaan Property Maintenance
  • Responsive Repairs
  • KSS Contractors
  • Thorough Estate Services