Tackling Mould & Damp

Do you have any damp, mould or too much condensation in your property?

Damp and mould can be hazardous to your health, particularly if you have any existing underlying health conditions. We take all cases of damp and mould very seriously and are here to help.

Sometimes, a simple change of living routines can help reduce damp, mould or condensation issues. Other times, an underlying building issue, may be the cause. We can advise you of what we think the cause is and help to put it right.
Tackling damp or mould early, and wiping away any mildew or light mould safely, can prevent more serious problems later. Damp or mould left untreated will only get worse over time.

If you report damp or mould to us, we will always visit you to carry out a property inspection to assess the situation and organise any follow up works.

No one should live with damp and mould in their property, so call us today to book in your home visit.

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