Estate services

Estate Inspections

Our Housing Officers carry out neighbourhood or estate visits on a regular basis, usually quarterly or more frequently where there are any specific issues of concern. Sometimes these visits are carried out jointly with Housing Associations for whom we mange properties, and on other occasions visits are carried out by involving Tamil Housing’s Resident Board members and/or other professionals. If you would like to be involved in estate inspections, please do contact us.

Tamil Housing is responsible for the estate services listed below. Please note, if you are living in a home managed by Tamil Housing, the estate services may vary depending on the respective landlord’s policy:

  • Gardening – maintaining and cutting grass, shrubs, hedges and trees in communal areas. There is a Summer and Winter programme of works.
  • Cleaning – picking up litter, sweeping and cleaning, and changing light bulbs (that can be safely reached) in communal areas
  • Pest control in communal areas, where necessary.

Your responsibilities

  • FLY TIPPING – Not to leave out large items of rubbish, such as furniture, as the Council’s refuse collectors will not remove them and this may result in delays to routine refuse collection.
  • PERSONAL ITEMS – Not to leave any personal or unwanted items in any communal areas as this creates unacceptable fire risks for all other occupiers, this includes not leaving push bikes, prams/buggies/shoes/furniture/plants/mobility scooters etc
  • VEHICLE NUISANCE – Not to keep or allow non-roadworthy or un-taxed vehicles on our housing schemes/estates
  • SATELLITE DISHES – Obtain our written permission before installing a satellite dish. It is likely we are unable to grant you permission for installing a satellite dish if there are planning restrictions where you live
  • GARDENS – Keep your front and rear garden neat and tidy where you have outdoor garden space

Please note the above is not an exhaustive list. Your tenancy agreement and handbook outlines responsibilities of each party in more detail.