Residents & Community

Resident & Community welfare

Resident and community welfare is an important to us.

Despite the very moderate annual surplus made by Tamil Housing, we continue to invest each year on Resident and Community initiatives.

Resident Initiatives

Tamil Housing Scholarship Fund 

The Scholarship Fund was pledged as part of Tamil Housing’s Silver Jubilee legacy work in 2011. Due to the changes to the tuition fees in England, Tamil Housing decided that the fund would be targeted for the benefit of children of Tamil Housing tenants who were beginning their first year of Undergraduate study. To date, we have had over 80 University students benefiting from the fund.

The Scholarship Fund is eligible to our residents and/or their occupants, whom are entering their first year of undergraduate degree or diploma (terms and conditions apply). The fund will be issued in two installments depending on their application. 2021 will be the tenth year running with over 80 beneficiaries making use of the fund during their time at University.

Applications for Academic Year 2021 – 2022 are now open! Deadlines for applications are 30th September 2023

Please email to receive an application form.

Home Gardening Scheme

The Home Gardening Scheme was initiated as part of Tamil Housing’s Silver Jubilee legacy work in Summer 2011. Please get in touch if you would like to take part.

What you need to do – send us a picture of your garden, and what you are doing or intend to do to maintain your green space, and we will offer you vouchers in 2 installments. The first voucher is for £25. Once you have upgraded your garden, send us another picture of what you’ve done, and we’ll then send you a second voucher for £25 to keep your green fingered project going!

Summer Trip

We aim to organise a Summer Social Trip for our residents where demand exists. If you’re a resident and have a suggestion, and would like us to organise a trip, please get in touch. Previous trips have included to the Seaside, Children’s Theme Parks, London Zoo and to the countryside.