Buy Your Home

Right to Acquire

Important information about the Right to Acquire

Most Housing Association residents may qualify for right to buy their home under the Right to Acquire. Provided that the property you are looking to buy:

  • Is self-contained
  • Is your only or main home
  • And has been built or bought by a housing association after 1 April 1997, or transferred from a Council to a housing association after 1 April 1997
  • then you are eligible to buy the property you are living in.

Joint applications

You can make a joint application to buy your Tamil Housing home with a co-tenant named in your tenancy.

You do not have the right to purchase your Tamil Housing home if:

  • You are being made bankrupt
  • A court has ordered you to leave your home

Please speak to your Housing Officer if you wish to receive a copy of Tamil housing’s Right to Acquire process.

Right to Buy 

The Right to Buy scheme was introduced in 1980 and is designed to aide Council and housing association tenants in England to buy their home (

Like other housing associations, Tamil Housing is currently awaiting to be informed of the full implementation of Voluntary Right to Buy Scheme.

The Government announced a two-year Midlands Voluntary Right to Buy (VRTB) Pilot across the East and West Midlands, starting in summer 2018. This pilot will test some of the key elements of VRTB that have yet to be tried which includes portability and one-for-one replacement of homes.

Voluntary Right to Buy (VRB)

The Voluntary Right to Buy scheme is a relatively new policy introduced by the Government. This Policy has not yet been introduced however the Government is currently piloting the voluntary right to buy with a few selected Housing Associations.

VRB gives some Housing Association residents the legal right to buy their home.  Under Government proposals, for the voluntary Right to Buy scheme, you can buy your home at a price lower than the full market value. Tamil Housing has volunteered to participate in this initiative and when it is rolled out to all Housing Associations.  At present, we are seeking Expressions of Interest from any Resident who may be interested in taking part in the VRB when it is rolled out in due course. Please speak to your Housing Officer if you wish express your interest in VRB. Unfortunately, we are not position to offer advice on VRB or its timeline as the guidelines are currently being developed/under consideration by the Government. When more information becomes available we will post it in our website.

Shared Ownership

Shared Ownership is an affordable home ownership scheme which allows first time buyers to get on the property ladder. Buyers can purchase share of the property and pay rent o the remaining share. Visit for more information.

The term stair-casing is widely used to explain the increasing share you can have in your shared ownership home. Please contact us if you wish to discuss whether:

  • You qualify for stair casing
  • How to increase the share in your home and what steps you need to take
  • Or selling your Shared Ownership Home

Click here to learn about Tamil Housing’s new Shared Ownership Scheme in Wembley Hill.

Please note, all of the above information is for general guidance only, and does not in anyway constitute legal advice or constitute the rules that apply to different types of home ownership. In all cases, individual circumstances, and specific properties, are all subject to their own funding and legal requirements.