Emergency Repairs

Our office hours are weekdays, 9am to 5pm, except for Bank holidays.

If you have an emergency repair that needs action outside of these hours, you will need to access the emergency repairs service for your property.

Before reporting an emergency repair, always check that it is really an emergency. There is a list of emergency repairs under the ‘How long will my repair take?’ heading on our repairs page.

Out-of-hours emergencies: who should I call?

If your home is owned by TCHA, or was previously owned by Apna Ghar, your call to our normal phone number, 020 8493 7160, will automatically be redirected to the Pinnacle Group after office hours.

If we manage your home, but it is owned by another housing, you should ring the number given below.

If you are living in a street property or are unsure of your landlord, please call Tamil Housing on 020 8493 7160.