Your tenancy agreement with Tamil Housing is a legally binding contract. Under the terms of your tenancy agreement with us, you are required to pay rent which is the charge for living in your home.

How to pay your rent 

  • All Pay Card; You can use your all pay card at local pay points to pay your rent;
  • Standing Order; this is similar to a direct debit of which you are in control of. You can set this up like a direct debit, however you have the responsibility to amend your rent payments accordingly;
  • Electronic bank transfer;  you can pay your rent using electronic banking;
  • Cash/Cheque payment; You can use either method only if you have no alternative of making your rent payment.

We set rent levels as per Government guidelines issued to us from time to time.

Shared owners pay rent as well as making mortgage repayments to their lenders.

Tamil Housing is duty bound to spend rent money that we collect in an efficient, open and transparent manner, and deliver Value for Money (VfM). The rent collected pays for the services we provide for example; repairs, planned maintenance, housing management and our resident and community welfare activities. Our Annual Surplus is reinvested in building new homes.

Your tenancy agreement will consist of the following information:

  • Basic Rent
  • Service Charges
  • Water rates (if applicable)
  • Heating and/ or hot water (if applicable)
  • Other charges
  • Total payable

Your rent information will be discussed with you during the tenancy signing stage so don’t be afraid to ask questions!

During the tenancy signing stage, you must pay either 1 week, 4-weeks’ or 1 months’ rent in advance. By paying in advance, you are reducing the risk of falling into arrears. Rent in advance is not the same as rent deposit – this advance payment will not be refunded unless otherwise stated in your tenancy agreement with Tamil Housing / Landlord.

If you are eligible for Housing Benefit or Universal Credit, we understand that payments made by Housing Benefit and Universal Credit pay 4 weeks / 8 weeks in arrears respectively. To avoid falling into arrears upon tenancy signing stage, it is advised that a minimum payment of £5 is made on a weekly basis to gradually bring your account into credit according to your benefit payment.