Home Contents Insurance

Home Contents Insurance

It’s very important each resident has home contents insurance to cover any loss or damage to your personal belongings. 

Tamil Housing or the Landlord for your managed property will insure the main external structures and communal areas of your building. It is the responsibility of each resident to ensure that you have your own insurance to cover you in case of theft, fire, flood or other damage to your belongings including to any furniture or flooring. For example, if there is flooding as a result of a burst pipe, we will only repair any damage to the building. We will not replace or compensate you for any damage caused to your personal belongings such as furniture or flooring etc.

Everyone thinks it wont happen to them, until it does. Therefore, we always recommend that you take out adequate home contents insurance for your needs.

See below for the National Housing Federation’s (NHF’s) affiliated Home Insurance provider. We advise you to review, compare and make your own independent arrangements for Home insurance cover from a suitable provider of your choice.