Boards & Committee

Our Board Members

The Management Board consists of 11 members. Two of them have been co-opted from the residents of TCHA properties and represent the views of our tenants. The CEO also serves the board as its Secretary and represents the operational aspects of the business. The remaining members are members of the public who have accepted an invitation to help formulate and oversee the running of policies which are applied to the daily business carried out by Tamil Housing.

The members of the public tend to be invited because of specialist skills which they have, which link to Tamil Housing’s activities or are prominent members of our community. Once appointed, Board Members are normally retained for a period of 6 years, during which time, they will typically meeting x times a year to discuss matters relating to Tamil Housing.

There are several subdivisions of the main Board which deal with individual aspects of the organisation such as Audit and Risk committee. These sub-committees then report to the Board periodically.

Management Board Members

Mr Murugesu Thavendrarajah *


Mr. Michael Verrier *

Vice Chair

Mrs Mary Nirmalanayagam *

Company Secretary

Mr Chimi Shakohoxha *

Board member

Mrs. Meera Arnold *

Treasurer / Chair Audit & Risk

Mr Athma Sarma *

Board Member

* Audit & Risk Committee Member