Achieving real improvements to our performance requires continuous effort. Your feedback is therefore important to us.

We will always aim to deliver the best possible service. If we fall  short of those standards, we will acknowledge our failings and work towards improvement.

We set ourselves challenging targets year on year to provide a good service- from contributing to the supply of new homes to improving services to our residents. We are a member of the Acuity Bench Mark Group measuring performance against other similar sized Housing Associations.

Our Senior Management Team (SMT) reviews our overall performance and report to the Management Board (MB) and the Audit & Risk Committee (ARC).

We report back to our Residents in the Residents’ Annual Report and at quarterly Resident Board meetings.

Our annual Value For Money (VfM) Self-Assessment report is published on our website and in our Annual Report to our residents. Please click here for all VfM reports.


All publications including our latest Annual Report can be found on our publications page.